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Michael Leggett: Blacksmith and Patina Artist


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If you can dream it, I can make it.  All of my work is custom and specifically designed to meet the customer's needs. My work includes wrought iron gates, custom railings, timber frame decor, fireplace tools and screens, chandeliers, restorations, powder coating, patina and much more. 

I offer a variety of finishes for my products and offer quality paint, powder coat, and patina finishes per customers request.  I can make something look brand new or over 100 years old. 

Be sure to check out the different pages on my website.  They include many photos and examples of work I have done over the years. 

Check out this video of me making a hand forged pine cone.

Here is a custom timber chandelier I built with custom pine branch, lanterns, and pine cones. 

See me featured in May 2008 Log Home Living Magazine.


I  am one of few in my specialty field that is commercially and resideintlialy insured.

We recently did some sand casting for a restoration job.  The original house was built in 1929.  Many of the medallions were missing and no one offers a current reproduction, so we decided to cast the pieces ourselves.  These will go on various decorative gates.  


Telephone: 770.853.6812
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