Creative Forgings

Michael Leggett:  Blacksmith and Patina Artist





This was a very unique project. These doors are made from Alder, I sandblasted them for the owner to distress the grain . I made the stain for these from scratch (old blacksmith recipe).  All the metal was heavy distressed and the bolts are standard bolts from a hardware store that are forged to look old and used square nuts as a finishing touch of detail. The metal has a wax (another recipe) finish to seal the metal and accent its natural appearance. The doors were so heavy that I had to hang them on estate gate hinges (barrell hinges).  The brass buttons on the door were furnished by the owner. He  purchased these on a trip to Africa. He was told that in Africa thiefs use elephants to push doors in on peoples homes and the buttons hurt the elephants head and they back off. He wanted to add these to accent and as a conversation starter.  I dont really know what to call these door properly, I just tell people they look like they came from an old castle.
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