Creative Forgings

Michael Leggett:  Blacksmith and Patina Artist





Gate Restorations

These old gates are 80+ years old and the house they came from was built in the 1920s.  As you can see there is no paint left.  The bottom of one gate is just about

gone and all the round pickets are severely deteriorated where they meet the bottom runner.  I had to replace all the lower portion of one gate and

most of the other.  Then they were sandblasted, primed and painted.  I do everything in-house.



These came from the same estate.  As you can see, the old flower pods were so deteriorated that I had to reforge 14 of them. 

Many scrolls had to be reforged and the bottom of one gate had to be replaced.  The owner could not believe how good they turned out,

especially after I showed him all the deteriorated pieces I had to reforge.  


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