Creative Forgings

Michael Leggett:  Blacksmith and Patina Artist




Hand Forged Fredericks Cross

This hand forged cross is one piece and is made by a special unfolding process.

The history behind this cross goes back to the days of the knights in shining armour era in england. A blacksmith from america went to Englad in the early 1970's and and either did or participated in an archaeoligical dig in an ancient blacksmith shop. He found one of these on his trip buried in the floor from were it had been dropped or discarded and eventually covered with dirt and coal dust. He brought it back, cleaned it up and good and figured out it had been done from a an unfolding process from slits chiseled in the metal. The secret to the lost cross had been lost for nearly 600 years had been rediscovered and every blacksmith tries to teach younger blacksmiths the technique how to make this one piece cross so its never lost again.

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